The innovation BIOMAT-Lab, or more specifically, the Laboratory for Biomaterials at the Faculty of Applied Chemistry is an interdisciplinary, project-centered educational laboratory for 3rd year students of the biomedical science program.

Students work in teams of 2 - 4 people on scientific projects. They are supposed to follow the procedure of a typical scientific project: think, make, communicate! They come up with a project plan, do the work in our lab as independently as possible, and finally present their project in a poster and paper-like report.

Using modern equipment and devices they work on a  broad range of interdisciplinary projects. The facilities consist of two high-tech laboratories containing for example a scanning electron microscope, modern research light microscopes, an ellipsometry unit, a plasma system, clean benches and CO2-incubators for cell culture or a micro-lithography unit.

Students from the METI program (computer sciences for medical engineering) will participate in that program (elective course) to work in interdisciplinary teams on project of lab automatization and similar topics.

This webpage will be constantly updated to give you an insight into the latest practical work and projects of the lab.