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EntdefFett – Setup of an inflamed adipose tissue model with serum-free cell culture media

This project is funded by the Ministry of Research, Science and Art Baden Württemberg and by the European Regional Development Fund.

The main goals within the project are

  • The development of serumfree media for the mono- and co-culture of mature adipocytes and a monocytic cell line
  • The setup of an 3D adipose tissue model based on mature adipocytes via additive manufacturing
  • The setup of an inflamed coculture model in serum-free conditions

Inflamed adipose tissue is associated to many diseases like diabetes or pancreatitis. In vitro models of inflamed adipose tissue can help to reveal the metabolic processes behind the development and manifestation of inflammations in adipose tissue. Furthermore, such models could be used to screen for new drugs addressing this pathological changes.

The aim of this project is the setup of a novel human test system of inflamed adipose tissue. Therefore, the development of defined cell culture media (free of animal-derived serum) is addressed through a process-accompanying analysis.

For the achievement of this ambitious goal, Reutlingen and Esslingen University and PELOBiotech will intensify their application-orientated collaboration. Defined media will developed and tested in adipocyte and monocyte cell culture. Accompanying to this, the process will be analyzed by various parameters at Esslingen University. The possibility to upscale such models with high reproducibility, would substantially simplify their entry to the market (e.g. in pharmaceutical industry). To facilitate the standardized production of inflamed adipose tissue models, the setup of 3D hydrogels including mature adipocytes will be promoted in parallel.

Project duration: 05/2018 until 12/2020

Funding: Ministry of Research, Science and Art Baden Württemberg and by the European Regional Development Fund

Contact:Annemarie Klatt, Svenja Nellinger, Ann-Cathrin Volz