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Dr. Tonya Andreeva

staff scientist

Building 2 - Room 008A

Tel. 07121/271-2043


Research interests:

  • Physical chemistry of surfaces, Dispersions, colloids and foams, Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers and multilayers
  • Materials chemistry, Soft matter, Polymer materials and coatings, Biodegradable materials, Biocompatible polymers, Hybrid polymer-based coatings, Nano materials, Drug delivery
  • Biophysics, Biomembranes, Model membranes, Membrane proteins, Self-assembly of proteins


Technical Skills and Competences:

Methods for surface modification:

  • Langmuir layers (on liquid support) and Langmuir-Blodgett layers (on solid support)
  • Layer-by-Layer (LbL) technique for deposition of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers (PEM) on solid surfaces.


Methods for surface characterization:

Many optical, X-ray and spectroscopic techniques for characterization of surfaces and interfaces e.g.:

  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
  • Brewster Angle Microscopy (BAM)
  • Grazing Incidence X-Ray Diffraction (GIXD)
  • Polarization Modulated Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy (PM-IRRAS)
  • Fluorescent microscopy
  • Ellipsometry
  • Quartz-crystal microbalance (QCM)
  • Rame-Hart CA Goniometer
  • Microinterpherometric measurement of the foam films thickness