AdipoDiff - Entwicklung und Evaluierung neuer Zellkulturmedien und Matrices für die Differenzierung, Langzeit- und Cokultur von Stammzellen aus dem Fettgewebe

Within this project we wanted to develop and evaluate new cell culture media and matrices for their suitability in differentiation, long term and co culture of adipose stem cells. Thereby, we focused on the differentiation to endothelial cells and mature adipocytes and their coculture, what is of major interest for clinical applications in regenerative medicine or for new in vitro test systems. The project was a cooperation with the biotech companies Bioregeneration and PELOBiotech.

Project duration: 11/2014 until 10/2017

Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Contact: Petra KlugerAnn-Cathrin Volz