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Upscaling of spheorid-based meat production

The aim of this project is to fabricate a product like this by culturing the previously isolated fat and muscle cells as small, round cell aggregates, spheroids. For upscaling, these spheroids will be transferred into a bioreactor system. For further processing, the spheroids can be included in a bioprinting process to produce 3D meat constructs. Therefore, the spheroids should be combined with biomaterials to be printable. The main requirements for suitable biomaterials are: edibility, biocompatibility, printability and they should not contain animal-components. In general, the used components and the whole fabrication process should be environmentally sustainable and inexpensive to obtain an affordable in vitro meat product.

This project is in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Jan Frank and Dr. Monika Bach from the University of Hohenheim.

Project duration: 04/2020 to 04/2023

Funding: Avina Stiftung

Contact:Petra Kluger, Annemarie Klatt, Simon Heine, Corinna Jauch