EntdefFett - Aufbau eines entzündlichen Fettgewebemodells mit definierten Zellkulturmedien für die Gesundheitsforschung

The aim of this project is the setup of a novel human test system of inflamed adipose tissue. For the system's establishment the development of defined cell culture media (free of animal-derived supplements) is aimed through a process-accompanying analysis. Such a model of inflamed adipose tissue may force the enlightment and treatment of widespread diseases of civilization like obesity or diabetes substantially.

For the achievement of this ambitious goal, Reutlingen and Esslingen University and PELOBiotech will intensify their application-orientated collaboration. Based on the parallel development of defined media and an accompanying process analysis a rapid creation of economic value is expected. To achieve an upscaling and standardization of the production process of the tissue model and thereby the expediting of its entry to the market e. g. in the pharmaceutical industry, the manual setup of the adipose tissue model will be compared to an additive manufacturing process.

Project duration: 05/2018 until 04/2020

Funding: Wissenschaftsministerium and Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung

Contact: Petra KlugerAnn-Cathrin Volz, Freia Schmidt