GlycoECM - Herstellung und Anwendung einer Glyko-funktionalisierten Extrazellulären Matrix

Clinical treatment of deep and large-scale wounds, e.g. after burning, still remains a challenge. A highly compatible biological material which enhances the cure of the wound with endogenous cells would be preferably.

Aim of the project is the development of such a new material based on tissue specific extracellular matrix (ECM) of patient’s own cells. This native ECM should be modified and optimized using glycobiology. First functional groups are incorporated in the ECM by metabolic glycoengineering. These functional groups can be addressed by biorthogonal ligation reaction and therefore allow the coupling of adhesion supporting oligosaccharides. Further the functional groups can be used for immobilization of the ECM on different materials, e. g. artificial skin. An additional aim is the modification of the ECM with photo-crosslinking polymers to create a material which gel after liquid application and reaches an optimal fill in of the wound.

Project duration: 06/2017 until 06/2020

Funding: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst

Contact: Petra Kluger, Svenja NellingerAnn-Cathrin Volz