M. Sc. Lisa Michalek - Academic stuff member


Building 2, room 009

Tel: 07121 271- 8199

Mail: lisa.michalek@dont-want-spam.Reutlingen-University.de

Research Projects

  • ImmuneFat2Skin
  • 6D-Biodruck (Cooperation with University Aalen)


Since 03/2020: Academic stuff member at Reutlingen Research Institute

09/2016 – 07/2018: Biotechnology (M. Sc.), FH Aachen

Master thesis: “Integration of electrospun membranes in microfluidic chip devices “ at the Fraunhofer IGB, Stuttgart

09/2012 – 08/2016:Biotechnology (B. Sc.), FH Aachen

Bachelor thesis: “Evaluation and characterization of a novel PCL scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering “ at the University Hospital Aachen

Thematic Priorities

  • Extrusion-based Bioprinting

  • Tissue Engineering

  • Histology

  • Lab organization