M.Sc. Alexander Rudt

PhD candidate at KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Building 2 - Room 116
Tel. 07121/271-1459


Research interests:

  • Surface Modification Technologies & Material Science for Application in Medical Products
  • Cell-Surface Interactions
  • Controlled Cellular Behavior by Modification of Surfaces


Technical Skills and Competences:


Atomic Force Microscopy (Contact, Tapping, Force-Spectroscopy, Electrostatic Force Microscopy), Raman-Spectroscopy, Neutron reflectometry (Paul-Scherrer Institute, CH), Ellipsometry, ATR-infrared spectroscopy, Photo/Fluorescence-Spectroscopy, Pipet robot (Maintenance, Repair), Quartz-Crystal-Microbalance (QCM-D), Zeta-Potential by light scattering, Contact angle, High temperature calorimetry, Cryoscopy, Surface tension and Viscosimetry



Cell culture technic of primary cells and cell lines, Metabolic Activity determination, Immunologic Staining, Microscopic examination (Light, Fluorescence microscopy, CLSM), ELISA, RT-PCR, SDS-PAGE, Enzyme immobilization, Enzyme encapsulation and Enzyme kinetic measurements