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Formlabs "Form 2" 3D printer established

Lately one of the modernest desktop 3D printers on market was established in the lab.

Jan-Philipp Magnus

First trials of printing with the lately established stereolithography based 3D printing system, "Form 2" by Formlabs, were performed by Markus Schneider. The student from the Applied Chemistry masters program could use this modern printer to generate a spherical structure out of a transparent resin, which was hardened via laser beam during the printing process.

The printer is capable of printing slices of 25-100 microns in height at a width of 140 microns. This generates much more detailed printing results than common Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printers. It is also possible to process flexible resins, which might be interesting for student's experiments in biomedical applications, for instance, supporting structures or substrates for cell culture. Therefore, the printer is a good addition to the lab's modified open source printer "Protos V2" by German RepRap.

(Photographs by Jessica Bauer)